The Grunt *Paper* Work





First things first, you have to apply for a marriage license.  At least one of you must got to the local courthouse with necessary materials.


The necessary materials are;

-Certified copy of each party’s birth certificate.  If born out of state a waiver can be submitted. If either are born out of country you will need a valid passport, naturalization papers, or green card along with a a valid state id or drivers license to be presented to a judge and a waver will need to be obtained


-If either person is a divorced, a certified copy of final divorce decree


-If either person is widowed, a certified copy of death certificate


-Knowledge of your social security number


-Completed Marriage application form


A few rules;


One of ya’ll has to be 18. There are some rules that let 16 year olds get married but I am so not going there.


A LA Marriage license is valid in any parish for 30 days. There is a 72 hour waiting period from the time it was issued to the ceremony. A district judge or justice of the peace can waive this.


You need to order a certified copy of marriage two weeks after the marriage to ensure that the license has been returned and recorded.




You can pay for a name-change kit or, save money by doing it yourself. Some places may require an in-person visit to alter a name, while others will let you change it over the phone or by letter. You may have to do a little leg work by calling and finding out protocol for several.

7-step checklist for name change

  1. Get certified copies of your marriage license.
  2. Start with the Social Security Administration.
  3. Get a new driver’s license.
  4. Update work records and benefits.
  5. Contact your bank.
  6. Notify creditors in order to link credit files.
  7. Continue down the list.

1. Get certified copies of your marriage license

Obtain certified copies from the agency that filed your marriage license.  You will need to send this to the Social Security Administration.


2. Start with the Social Security Administration

Begin with this agency because it needs your correct name and ID number for payroll/benefits. A mismatch between your name and Social Security number could trigger a rejection of your tax return. You’ll need to file Form SS-5 with your local Social Security office to obtain a new Social Security card. Notifying the Social Security Administration will also update the Internal Revenue Service of your new name.

3. Get a new driver’s license

Get an updated license is super important.  You will most likely be able to update voter registration and vehicle and title at the same time. Check with your state Department of Motor Vehicles for instructions.

4. Update work records and benefits

Make sure they have new name and address as well as if any new beneficiaries or dependents will be added to your current insurance plan.

5. Contact your bank

Bring your updated license into a local bank and change your name in person

6. Notify creditors in order to link credit files

7. Then contact the other places on your list, such as:

       Landlord or mortgage company.

       Other insurance accounts (auto, life, home, etc.).

       Physicians’ offices.

       Professional licensing boards.

       Investment accounts.

       Your attorney (to update legal documents).


       Passport office.

       Post office.

       Voter registration board.

       Alumni association.


       Email accounts




       Magazine subscriptions


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