To get a videographer or not to get a videographer, that is the question.

I say get them!

Every bride that I have spoken with that did not hire a videographer regretted it. From what I hear, the wedding day is one fantastic blur. How wonderful would it be to return from your honeymoon and get to revisit that special day. Even better than that, can you imagine in say ten years. I personally want a videographer for so much more than just to capture our I dos. For example, my nana and gramps love my son soooo much. You can see it when they look at him. It’s so beautiful. How awesome would it be for my son to be able to show his children these videos? Or my moms annoying but infectious laugh. One day I won’t be able to hear it. As annoying as it is, I know ill miss it. My future children will be able to watch these videos and these people. Anytime I start to forget I can relive my wedding day and when those that I love pass I will have this treasure to see their smiling face again. I know I could invest in a video recorder and start recording life events to capture this but I think when a professional does it in atmosphere like a wedding it intensifies everything.

Most that chose not to have videographer did so because of budget woes. I get it.

In order to not throw my budget extremely off, I eliminated flowers and décor in the vintage chapel and the photo booth. The chapel was beautiful enough without it and there really wasn’t much space for a photo booth. There is usually something you can move around. There are also some videographers who have a more economic price. Their work may not be on the same level as the pricier videographer but it’s better than nothing!

I was definitely one of the brides on the fence about hiring a videographer. Then I watched samples! Here is a link to my favorite videographer (yep the videographer for my wedding! Squueee — I never “squee” so you know they are amazing!) I still go over his videos and watch them and cry a little bit. Then again wedding planning has turned me into a big ball of emotions. My advice, find a way. There is a videographer out there for every bride and every budget.

If you absolutely no way in the world can find room for this in your budget, at least get it on some sort of video. Professional is the way to go but even bad audio/lighting and shaky video are better than nothing!

NEXT POST: The Elopement trend and Destination Weddings.

Happy Planning!




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