“Put them together, and what have you got? Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.” _the wedding planner

fairy god mother
So let’s talk about that the wedding planner (or as I no longer secretly refer to her in my mind, my fairy godmother)

So I recently read a post regarding the rough side of being a wedding planner (http://www.valmariepaper.com/blog/). It made me sad. Really truly sad. It also made me wonder if I at times come off as ungrateful. Britany if you’re reading this, I AM SUPER SUPER GRATEFUL. Back to the subject at hand, the mistreatment of people (professional or not) does not sit well with me and it makes me wonder why some people think its okay when planning a wedding. Seriously, if I become that self absorbed and hateful bridezilla please oh please tackle me, slap me a bit, then slam my head into the ground until I get my wits back. Just kidding, please don’t do that. If you know me you know this is probably not your best course of action. You do have my permission to poke me in the arm and tell me what’s on your mind as I give you the death glare. I guess what I am trying to say is treat your wedding planner and all your vendors with the respect they deserve. At the end of the day, they are people with feelings and families outside your wedding. She’s not actually your fairy godmother but she’s the closest you’ll get to one! Imagine if Cinderella told her godmother off for the clock striking too early and her shoe not fitting properly. I’m pretty sure she would have been the one turned into a pumpkin. Things may or may not go as planned and your planner will do everything she possibly can to make things go as they should but don’t forget she doesn’t have a magic wand! Even Cinderella’s godmother couldn’t control EVERYTHING.


Now that we’ve covered how NOT to treat your planner, let’s discuss the type of planners out there.


Who Needs’em?
The Ladies that need someone to (sometimes literally) hold their hand from the ring to the walk(and a little bit after)

Sets you back: Depending on your location, their experience, and their packages (amongst other things) this will probably cost 2,000 and up.

So what exactly is “full service’?

These gals*or guys* do it all. They will help you dream up and execute your vision down to the little details and the not so pretty business stuff. I cant speak for what each planner will do but typically the list would be something like this
· recommend and work with all wedding vendors
· accompany you on your appointments
· Handle wedding vendor contracts
· manage the guest list and RSVPs
· create a workable wedding budget
· plan a variety of wedding parties (engagement, showers etc.)(sometimes this is at additional cost. Don’t expect this without asking first)
· help create the theme and style of the wedding
· provide ongoing telephone and email support (sometimes daily)
· be there on the wedding day to make sure it all happens as planned…and hold the bride’s hand!
If you opt for this type of planner –well honestly ANY planner- chemistry is the key. Ya’ll have to like each other. If you don’t, keep looking. She may be perfection but if the chemistry is off it’s no bueno.


Who need’s em?
The lady who has it all together and down to a science but needs her right hand lady to help make sure the day goes as planned.

What will it set me back?
Once again, there are multiple factors but I know in my area this type of planner started around 750 and went up from there.

What do they do?
Ideally, they come into a planned wedding about a month before and touch base with all those lovely vendors and make sure the proverbial wheel is greased and ready to roll Mainly they swoop in last minute(ish), make your sure you’ve dotted those I’s and T’s and manage your wedding day schedule. Don’t let the day of title fool. They usually put in at least a week of work before hand to make that the day of isn’t a hellish chaotic endeavor. They will usually meet up with you a couple times prior as well as correspond via email/phone. I tip my hats to these ladies. Truly I tip my hat to all planners but this one is in the game of risky business. Could you imagine coming in this late in the game when the bride has made a faux pas! Gasp.



Who need’s em?
The bride who doesn’t have all the answers but just has a couple questions. For example, I need help wit this budget or I cant find a band.

What will it set me back? In my area the lowest fee I found for these service was around 200$

What do they do? Whew. What cant they do? Take the full service planner and cut it up into a bunch of little sections and you have this guy! I’ve seen a few specialty packages where the planner will help you get started, help you budget or help you wrap business details up. Basically, you would be paying for professional help, a push in the right direction and one step closer to well planned low stress wedding. If this is all you have room for in your budget this is still better than nothing!

Just remember, whatever planner you choose you better be nice or Ill get you. JK *evil laugh.

evil laugh
Happy Planning!tumblr_lsxj4wa7i11qferclo1_500


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